Rise Up is the social impact unit for Univision and Fusion Media Group

The Rise Up team creates, manages and executes content and campaign opportunities across Univision, Fusion, The Root, The Onion, Gizmodo Media Group and other entities owned and operated by Univision Communications, Inc. The goal is to have measurable social impact on the most pressing issues in America today facing Hispanics, people of multicultural backgrounds, and young people.

We work with issue experts, foundations, advocacy organizations, academic institutions, government agencies, corporations and other like-minded organizations interested in using media and storytelling for social change. Our team focuses its work on closing disparities on several of the most important issues facing our audiences – including education, health, environment, financial literacy and social justice.

Rise Up will also tackle the means through which our audiences most often express, experience or influence these issues – including through media & storytelling, digital technology, entertainment, the education system, employment and the work place, and civic participation.

We have established a strategic partnership with American University’s Center for Media and Social Impact to help develop and evaluate the most strategic approaches to develop and measure campaigns.

For more information about Rise Up, please contact Stephen Keppel at skeppel@univision.net.

Our team